About Château Rouge


It all started with an idea, from a passion for exquisitely tasting luxury food and drink products. Inspired by an attention to detail and a love for the yet undiscovered, we have taken great care in each product chosen in the Château Rouge range. We hope you enjoy the journey of discovery as much as we have.

“People are caring more about what they eat and drink. They want products that have character and reflect where they’re grown and produced. There’s a certain type of consumer who is moving away from mass produced, consistently uniform and ultimately boring offerings – back to interesting, quality products from small producers, where every mouthful tells a story of how, when and where they were grown. With Château Rouge, I want to celebrate teas as a direct expression of their individual geography, soil”s, weather and history. I also want to recapture an age when explorers and traders returned from their travels with exotic, unknown discoveries.

Even high end tea brands tend to stick to the same tried and trusted varieties, like Assam, Ceylon or English Breakfast. I’m aiming to break away from this ‘same old, same old’ and introduce people to teas that are a bit left of field. For example, we have a wonderfully complex black tea from Nepal, where the tea industry has been slow to develop. Nepal enjoys the same climate as its better known neighbour Darjeeling but has younger bushes and eco-friendlier methods – all of which comes through in the tea.”


Seán Farrell

(Founder Château Rouge)