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Our Passion For Tea


Jasmine Tea LeavesDetermined to uncover the world’s most remarkable producers, each of our products tells its own story of heritage, authenticity and discovery. Long known as the oldest beverage, each of our teas are rich with stories of intrigue and exploration, which we invite you to discover. From exploring the true story of how Earl Grey got its name; why is a green tea from Fuijan named after a monkey Monkey; to understanding why Taiwans Pouchongs now are better than the native China where they came from.


“With the Chateau Rouge Teas of the World range, I want to celebrate tea as a direct expression of it's individual geography, soil, weather and history. I also want to recapture an age when explorers and traders returned from their travels with exotic, unknown discoveries. Even high end tea brands tend to stick to the same tried and trusted varieties, like Assam, Ceylon or English Breakfast. I’m aiming to break away from this ‘same old, same old’ and introduce people to teas that are a bit left of field. For example, we have a wonderfully complex black tea from Nepal, where the tea industry has been slow to develop. Nepal enjoys the same climate as its better known neighbour Darjeeling but has younger bushes and eco-friendlier methods – all of which comes through in the tea.”


Sean Farrell

Seán Farrell

(Founder Château Rouge)



Limited Production


Only a small portion of tea production is reserved for premium teas and each season produces harvests of unique character due to the every changing season variations in climate and harvesting conditions. We work very closely with each of our producers, each season only buying the best teas produced that year. Importing direct from our partner estates around the world and packaging all teas inhouse in the UK, we not only ensure the highest quality teas available for the season, but can guarantee you purchase the freshest and best tasting teas in the world. No two teas are created equal and we take great pride in bringing you the best and most remarkable teas in the world.