Essential tea information – top 5 questions…

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

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We held a an exclusive tea tasting this week at the Vista, on the Trafalgar hotel roof terrace in London, Arguably one of London’s best roof terrace bars and a beautiful contemporary boutique hotel; and were blessed with good weather and a great crowd. There were a number of questions about tea in general and our range that came up again, which we thought may be useful to include in a blog. Read the rest of this entry »


How to make delicious Rooibos Ice Tea

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Chateau Rouge Red Rooibos Ice Tea

100% caffeine free and packed full of antioxidants, this ice tea recipe is not only easy to make but guarantees to pack a punch when it comes to one of the summers healthiest drinks.

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Tea has ZERO calories and is cheaper than coffee…

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Chateau Rouge Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

In a moment of desperation on Monday, between meetings in the West End, we went into Starbucks to get a cup of tea. I ordered a Tazo tea and then noticed a poster behind the till with the calorie content of all the beverages sold at Starbucks. I couldn’t help but notice that tea contains ZERO calories (assuming no milk or sugar is added). Compared with a Cappucino that contains 168 calories or with skimmed milk (skinny cuppa) 76 calories (assuming no sugar or syrups added).

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Start your ‘January Detox’ early this year…

Friday, December 16th, 2011

This year we deciding to start our January Detox early, with a ‘herbal tea challenge’. Instead of caffeine fuelled drinks, for the next 2 weeks over Christmas we decided to drink only caffeine free herbal ’tisanes’: Honeybush, Rooibos and Peppermint (although Seán still loves his Darjeeling and swears by his green tea after every meal). Read the rest of this entry »


Health benefits of Jasmine Green Tea. Luxury Tea Weight Loss Diet

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Chateau Rouge Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

Jasmine green tea not only tastes great but it is proven to be a great health drink too. No wonder the well fed Chinese emperors loved jasmine.According to legend a Chinese emperor in the Song dynasty (960-1279AD) used several hundred pots of jasmine to perfume the palace grounds. Read the rest of this entry »


Tea Health Benefits – Chateau Rouge Luxury Tea

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

The health benefits of green tea, as supplied by luxury tea company Château Rouge, are widely documented but did you know you can use these delicate and aromatic leafs in cooking.

In the UK the lovely leaf is often used in frozen yogurts and healthier shacks to enhance the flavours and add that extra touch of ‘health’. On a recent trip to Tokyo, however, I spotted green tea flavoured Kit Kat chocolate bars! Saying that there was also one flavoured with soy sauce – an acquired taste I’ll have to add!

It is easy to enhance a simple dish with the addition of Green tea leafs. Many Asian nations have used green tea in cooking for centuries not just because of its health benefits – high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – but also because this simple leaf has a distinct flavour that lends itself rather well to cooking.

Château Rouge has in stock a pretty wide variety of luxury green teas, each promising its own individual flavour. It is recommended that loose teas are used in cooking as they tend to have the best flavours.

One simple way to cook with these is to brew the green tea leafs and simply substitute the water in the recipe with green tea. I find the flavour best suited to sweet dishes, especially plain frozen yogurt or ice cream, where the green tea not only adds a subtle flavour, but also a rather lovely light green colour.

The best way to start though is to simply experiment with the various loos teas, various strengths and off course in various recipes.

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