The old photograph and how we designed the Nepal Fikkal Ilam luxury black tea product packaging

Always fascinated by stories of intrigue, adventure and inspired by history with Chateau Rouge we wanted to create a brand that not only encaptulates a history and heritage, with stories of discovery, but also a personal touch. In looking at aspects to incorporate in the designs, we wanted to include objects or images that may well have a personal connection or tell a real story, rather than just make one up. The Nepal Fikkal Ilam tea packaging is one such product and tells the story of Sean Farrell’s great Aunt, from Johannesburg in South Africa.

Each product in the Chateau Rouge Luxury tea range has an image of a relevant object from ‘the chateau’ set on a background of a surface from the chateau. The Nepal Fikkal Ilam loose leaf tea tin carton is a brown worn leather surface with an image of Sean Farrell’s great Aunt on his mothers side. A regal photo taken circa the 1900′s she was a bit of a lady and loved nothing more to entertain with a good pot of tea and freshly baked biscuits. She unfortunately died a tragic death after being flung from a car in a motor car accident then in her 60′s, in a time when seat belts were not obligatory. But her unforgetable cheerful personality and a ‘busy body’ who was always busy helping one person or another, be it in her job at Johannesburg general hospital or inviting friends for tea, still remains a family legend.

Tea after all is about sharing, and far from being an impersonal teabag in a simple modern carton on your average supermarket self, with Chateau Rouge its all about adding that personal touch. From sourcing only the best quality leaf teas, and getting to know the producers, to the packaging, right through to sales and the end consumer – its all about that personal touch. After all, its the details that make something unique and a memorable experience is one you can talk about afterwards, and hopefully for generations to come, as with Sean’s great Auntie and Chateau Rouge Fikkal Ilam packaging.

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