Creme Earl Grey…pure leaf tea poetry

We’re feeling very philosophical this lazy autumn Sunday afternoon at ‘le Chateau’ (aka Chateau Rouge Teas home). Enjoying a delicious pot of Earl Grey Leaf Tea in one of our new glass tea pots and pondering over some beautiful dreamy poetry thanks to Laura…

It is fragrant in here,
behind the diamond-shaped
glass, under the white tin
cover, spiralled to finality
(at least for now). Black leaves
nestle curls into curls,
brush against lavender
and pearlescent petals, suspended
until a hand brings water
and vanilla-hungry air.

L.L. Barkat is the author of five books, including The Novelist, a novella about a blocked writer who, through the rituals of tea and an encounter with a “tea empress” on Twitter, comes to find her voice and an unexpected story locked inside

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