Tea has ZERO calories and is cheaper than coffee…

Chateau Rouge Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

In a moment of desperation on Monday, between meetings in the West End, we went into Starbucks to get a cup of tea. I ordered a Tazo tea and then noticed a poster behind the till with the calorie content of all the beverages sold at Starbucks. I couldn’t help but notice that tea contains ZERO calories (assuming no milk or sugar is added). Compared with a Cappucino that contains 168 calories or with skimmed milk (skinny cuppa) 76 calories (assuming no sugar or syrups added).

Not only does tea have no calories but it helps burn calories too! It does this as it has a slow releasing form of caffeine that released slowly and over a longer period of time uses up calories…

So drinking tea helps you loose calories, and its cheaper than coffee too (at nearly all the UK high street coffee shops we visited)! Plus it’s packed full of anti-oxidants that as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can amongst others help to reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer and heart disease.

By no means is it a ‘miracle cure’ (but as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle can definitely add a bounce to your step in the mornings) but at the very least you still in a neutral position but have more money in your pocket – that is assuming tea is cheaper than coffee (or a smoothie!) at your local coffee shop. Not to forget that you can also make more cups of tea than coffee off of the same weight of product i.e. 250g of tea makes many more cups of tea than 250g of coffee!

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