Organic Rainforest Alliance Vanilla Rooibos

We have had a couple of our customers ask about our Rooibos Vanilla wanting to know what the vanilla is and how it is made. The Chateau Rouge Rooibos Vanilla tea is 100% organic; so all ingredients need to be 100% natural and organic. We use one of the best vanillas in the world, from Madagascar where it is grown totally organic.

The vanilla pods or twigs are then included with the Rooibos and cut to size so that the vanilla ends up mixed into the Rooibos tea. There is no essence or flavourings added other than the raw vanilla. This means that the vanilla is slightly more subtle scent but flavour really comes through when you brew the tea and not only that but is flavoursome for multiple infusions, so not only is the tea more natural tasting and healthier but you get more mileage form the leave and can easily infuse up to 3 times without loosing flavour.

The tea is great hot or cold and can be drunk with milk or add honey/sugar, but honestly adding anything to it just covers the taste and don’t get to enjoy to the fullest, although honestly the great thing about Rooibos is you can enjoy it whichever way you like, its still delicious. Plus the added benefit of being 100% organic and rain forest alliance!

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