Wiedouw Single Estate Long-Cut Organic Rooibos – Exclusively available at Chateau Rouge Luxury Teas

The Wiedouw Rooibos Tea Estate

Wiedouw Long-cut Organic Rooibos Tea is available exclusively at Chateau Rouge Luxury Teas. We sell the only true single estate long-cut Rooibos tea in the UK, and as far as we are aware are the only company importing and selling Rooibos direct from a tea farm in South Africa and not through brokers in Europe.‘The Wiedouw farm in southern South Africa (north of Cape Town) is possibly one of my favourite tea plantations. Although I really love each plantation I visit when choosing the next tea for inclusion in the Chateau Rouge Luxury Teas range, some deserve a special mention – Wiedouw is one of those.’ – Sean Farrell, founder Chateau Rouge Luxury Teas. The Wiedouw Estate consists of two almost neighbouring farms situated in the mountainous area near Vanrhynsdorp in Namaqualand, a semi-desert area of South Africa.

Wiedouw was originally acquired by the current owners from a Bavarian gentlemen and tea cultivation of the farm was continued in conjunction with nature and preserving the natural beauty and habitat. The farm is not only well known for its award winning teas (winner of numerous “Best Rooibos” awards) but equally for its rock art, drawn in the rock faces of the surrounding caves by the ancient Khoisan people that lived here hundreds of years ago. There are the most interesting rock formations, a serene waterfall in the winter, a large dam with many species of water birds and the large variety of birds of prey especially the majestic Black Eagle and the occasional Fish Eagle. Not even to mention the fields of wild flowers especially between June to August…I love it here!

The neighbouring Vondeling farm was acquired in 1994 and has a long and rich history of Rooibos production. The farm consists of 2,000 hectares of which only 250 hectares can be used for the cultivation of Rooibos because of the mountainous terrain. The “Doornriver” or Thorn River cuts through the Matzikama mountain range and serves as the southern border. The river is now popular for rafting in the winter months.

The farm and area is breathtakingly beautiful and visitors to the area can’t help but feel absolute tranquility! Unlike normal tea production that needs a very different environment, Rooibos thrives in this harsh climate and amazingly any attempts to cultivate the bush anywhere else have so far failed. Production of the Chateau Rouge Luxury Organic Long –cut Rooibos Tea is limited and with Germany importing more than 90% of the total annual Rooibos Tea production from South Africa – this rare Rooibos may well become even more difficult and expensive to source in the coming years.


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