Why are the Net weights of the teas different?

All our teas are packed in a standard size CR tins which we fill with the most tea possible, for you to get the maximum enjoyment from your tea. Any differences in net weight of any of the products are caused by the variations in the leaf size, with the larger leaf teas having a lighter net weight.


How can I send a product purchased as a gift?

All the Chateau Rouge products make great gifts, for any occasion. If you would like your order delivered to a different address, please complete the details of the 2nd address when placing your order.


Why do each of the teas have different years, and can I still drink last years tea?

We purchase our teas in smaller batches in season, and with our Tea Masters carefully select only the best teas available of the season. We don’t blend our teas with those of any other season’s pickings, which mean that our teas are seasonal, fresh and uniquely different each year. Depending on the tea a tea can be picked in the spring while another is normally picked in the summer or autumn. This means that each teas ‘year’ can vary, and last years teas still being available when the new season of another tea are available. This does in no way affect the quality of the tea, but is rather an indicator the uniqueness of each tea.


Is there caffeine in tea?

While having less caffeine than coffee, tea does still contain caffeine. Black tea varieties contain more caffeine than oolongs, which have more caffeine than green or white teas. However Rooibos and Honeybush are completely caffeine free and as a result can be enjoyed at any time of the day if you are sensitive to caffeine.


For any other questions you may have regarding tea or our products, please contact us.