Golden Monk

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Golden Monk

Black Tea

Arya Tea Estate, Darjeeling, India

Complex full flavour large clonal leaf tea from the small boutique Arya Tea garden. Planted at the highest point on the estate, at an altitude of 1820 meters, as one of the highest estates in Darjeeling the bushes grow slower, producing less tea per plant each season. The result, a rich full flavour tea with notably none of the classic Darjeeling astringency but a much sweeter taste extravaganza, a flavoursome red cup with smooth chocolate velvet notes.

"Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent."
Dalai Lama

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100% Bio-organic, Fairtrade, Darjeeling certified


Arya tea estate is a Bio-organic Certified Estate, representing a legacy that has strived consistently to craft the finest Darjeeling teas. The origins of Arya trace back to the first Monks who in 1765 built a monastery on the estate and also eventually lead to the creation of the now Darjeeling town. This is the oldest estate in Darjeeling and still has the original monastery on the estate. A truly mystical location producing teas of equal proportions.


Ever since Dr Campbell planted the first Chinese tea varieties in 1840, Darjeeling has benefited from its altitude, mountain climate and rich soil to develop into arguably one of the worlds most famous tea growing regions. Fair to say, Darjeeling teas are now recognised the world over and we work very hard to ensure we consistently bring you the best Darjeeling teas of the season.


Using a heaped teaspoon (3 grams) of tea and 2-3 infusions per serving:

100 grams

 will make approximately

 70-100 cups of tea

50 grams

 will make approximately

 35-50 cups of tea

10 grams

 will make approximately

 7-10 cups of tea


"Arguably my favourite teas with chocolate!"

Sean Farrell, founder Chateau Rouge Teas