Les petits Amoureux

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Les petits Amoureux

Tea Lovers Gift Set

Jasmine Downy Pearls, Imperial Earl Grey & White Monkey Green Tea

A perfect introduction to luxury tea! Great gift for a tea lover or to share with someone special for a very 'CR' afternoon tea. The perfumed femininity of Jasmine tea pairs a classic gentleman’s brew and one of the most delicious green teas from China.

Includes the award winning White Monkey green tea. Grown on Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, China, this unusually light green tea derives its name from the way its leaves look like monkeys paws. Plucked and processed entirely by hand, it is fresh, mellow, sweet and fragrant.

Paired with a delicate, intensely fragrant Jasmine tea from the mist shrouded mountains of northern Fujian, China. Tender, silver tipped tea buds are layered with freshly gathered jasmine blossoms, before being hand-rolled into elegant pearls.

And finally Earl Grey, whose distinctive flavour and aroma come from combining black teas with oil extracted from bergamot rind. Our blenders skilfully balance southern Italian bergamot oil with Keemun, Formosa Oolong, Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon teas, for a fragrant, refreshing and stylishly complex brew.


Net Wt. 185 g

Contains: Earl Grey 20g, White Monkey 10g and Jasmine Downy Pearls 25g


Earl Grey (black tea): A special blend of orthodox black teas from Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun married with natural bergamot oil from Calabria, Italy. This blend of Earl Grey is light and we suggest it's drunk black, paying attention not to over-infuse the first cup. Earl Grey is named after the British Prime Minister Charles, 2nd Earl Grey (1830-1834). Legend has it while on a diplomatic mission to China; a mandarin confided the recipe in gratitude for saving his son’s life. Another version has an Indian rajah’s son rescued from a tiger by one of Grey’s servants. More likely, bergamot oil was brought to England, and thence to Grey’s tea, by British naval officers stationed in Corfu. Fictional Earl Grey lovers include Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), Frasier Crane and James Bond.


White Monkey (green tea): Only unopened buds and the youngest leaves are plucked, resulting in an exceptionally delicate and sweet tasting tea. The leaves, coated in fuzzy white down, are then shaped by hand to resemble a curved monkey paw. From experiencing the floral aroma, to watching the silvery-green, tippy buds unfurl in hot water, to sipping the uplifting, pale gold liquor, a cup of White Monkey is a rare pleasure.  One of the landmarks on Fujian’s Wuyi Mountain where the tera comes from, Jade Maiden Peak, resembles a slender girl. Legend says the Jade Maiden left heaven to live on Wuyi Mountain, falling in love with Dawang, an earthly king. The Iron Slab Demon told the furious Jade Emperor of her whereabouts, and the Jade Maiden, Dawang and the demon were all turned into mountains.


Jasmine Downy Pearls (green tea): A delicate, intensely fragrant tea from the mist shrouded mountains of northern Fujian, China. Tender, silver tipped green tea buds are layered for up to seven times with freshly gathered jasmine blossoms, before being hand-rolled into elegant pearls. Jasmine blooms at night, so buds picked in the afternoon are layered with tea in the evening just as they open. The blossoms take about four hours to impart their essence, requiring constant monitoring and this is repeated several times in making the best teas. According to legend a Chinese emperor in the Song dynasty (960-1279AD) used several hundred pots of jasmine to perfume the palace grounds.  Around this time the Chinese began to scent their teas by adding blossoms from jasmine, rose, lotus and lychee. Ancient methods are still used for the finest jasmine teas.


Using a heaped teaspoon (3 grams) of tea and 2-3 infusions per serving:

100 grams

 will make approximately

 70-100 cups of tea

50 grams

 will make approximately

 35-50 cups of tea

10 grams

 will make approximately

 7-10 cups of tea