Tea Range


Our Tea Range - a Tea for Every Occasion


From our award winning 'Gamme de Luxe' range - which make a perfect gift or for that special everyday indulgence, to the 'Classique' black tea tins, for a unmistakable Chateau Rouge expereince; lastly our 'Petite' tins, small enough to take everywhere. Chateau Rouge has a tea tin for every occasion. Each tin lovingly hand packed with the most exquisite tasting teas on earth, all for you to enjoy.


Our 'everyday range'. We've searched far and wide for taste sensations that excite us - quality loose leaf teas that have character and reflect where they’re grown and produced. We created the ‘l’essentiel’ range so that you too can enjoy some of the most exquisite tasting teas on earth, every day. Life is too short and time too precious to have it any other way. We hope you will enjoy these teas as much as we have done in selecting them for you.


Packaged in 100% resealable foil pouches to ensure maximum freshness, in sizes from as little as 10g, these teas are for real tea lovers who take pleasure in savouring new and different teas every day, and don't want all the extra packaging.


Tea in Tins - small or large, with or without cartons

Loose Leaf Tea - in foil pouches from 10g sample sizes to 250g catering bags

Organic, Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance tea - discover our Organic, Fair-trade or Rainforest Alliance certfied teas