Wedding Favours Chateau Rouge Luxury Teas for bride and groom

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  • Wedding Favours Chateau Rouge Luxury Teas for bride and groom

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Wedding Favours - Bridal Gift Set

Black Tea, Green Tea or Tisane

Hand packed in the United Kingdom

Special tea wedding favours. Choose any combination of our existing range of luxury 'petite' tea tins, packaged in 12 inidivdual tins of 10-20g leaf tea sizes depending on the specific tea. Perfect to make your day truly unforgetable: as wedding favour or a luxurious afternoon tea experience. 

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring and because it has fresh peaches in it”
Thomas Walker

Comes packed in boxes of 12 of each variety. Choose 2 or more tea varieties for your own unique Bride and Groom combinations:


Jasmine Dragon Pearls (20g):

A delicate, intensely fragrant tea from the mist shrouded mountains of northern Fujian, China. Tender, silver tipped green tea buds are layered for up to seven times with freshly gathered jasmine blossoms, before being hand-rolled into elegant pearls. Jasmine blooms at night, so buds picked in the afternoon are layered with tea in the evening just as they open. The blossoms take about four hours to impart their essence, requiring constant monitoring and this is repeated several times in making the best teas.


Earl Grey Black Tea (20g):

A special blend of orthodox black teas from Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun married with natural bergamot oil from Calabria, Italy and finished with blue cornflowers. This blend of Earl Grey with blue cornflowers is very light and we suggest it's drunk black, paying attention not to over-infuse the first cup.


Organic Rooibos (20g):

It could not get better than this: the best organic, award winning and single estate Rooibos from South Africa! 100% Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade from 2013. Winner Great Taste Awards Gold 2012 - 'Some gentle flavours with a pleasant, sweet aftertaste. Caramel notes in evidence, perfect for lazy sunny afternoons or cozy winter nights around the fireplace.'


Wildharvest Organic Honeybush (20g):

Tricky to cultivate and gathered wild on steep, south-facing mountain slopes this undeniabley refreshing tea has won 2 gold stars in the British Great Taste Awards 2011, and consistently voted the best Honeybush tea in its class.


White Monkey green tea (10g):

Only unopened buds and the youngest leaves are plucked, resulting in an exceptionally delicate and sweet tasting tea from China's Fujian Wuyi Mountain. The leaves, coated in fuzzy white down, are then shaped by hand to resemble a curved monkey paw.


Queen of Darjeeling (20g):

100% Fairtrade, 2013 Darjeeling first flush. Ever since Dr Campbell planted the first Chinese tea varieties in 1840, Darjeeling has benefited from its altitude, mountain climate and rich soil to develop into arguably one of the worlds most famous tea growing regions.


Himalayan Expedition (20g):

A fantastic second flush that keeps well from our special award winning tea garden in Nepal. Nestled high in the mountains and not available on any of the tea markets, this rare loose-leaf black tea is defniately amongst the finest in the world. Nepal with similar growing conditions to neighbouring Darjeeling, currently grows arguably the best 'new teas' in the Himalayas.


Using a heaped teaspoon (2-3 grams) per serving infused 2-3 times, each 20g petite tea tin will make approximately 15-20 cups of tea.